No More Buts

Does it ever seem like are are living in a society where we love less and less? Does it seem like everyone around us is  constantly looking for anything that is self gratifying to feed an emptiness? Wouldn’t it be more satisfying to be surrounded by a culture of happiness, full of love, and each of us seeking fulfillment from being kind to one another.

We seem, instead, to be in a point in our society where we are looking for reasons not to love. We live in a state of “but”.

I could be a success “but”.

I would love that person “but”.

I would be happy “but”

That nasty little three letter word seems to paralyze us from doing what is good and right. If we choose to us the word BECAUSE instead our lives would dramatically change.

I will be a success “because”.

I will love that person “because”

I will be happy “because”.

We ALL have many reasons to love our lives and the ability to build a happy, prosperous life. It is only perspective that holds us back. Our attitudes towards the world has everything to do with the success in our lives, find the reasons to love your li

fe and the people around you and you will find that the gifts you receive in return will be enormous.  Grow your love and you will aid in growing a loving society.

Let’s all just help one another be a part of a society of beauty just “because”.


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