Integrity, a Basic Key to Success

The truth… our society has skewed what truth is to the point that I worry about the integrity for the generations to come. It seems now that there are  now “versions” of the truth.  How did we get to this point? Is seems the first step could have been the use of the term ” there are two sides to every story”.  Attorneys started down this path in order to make a guilty client look innocent or to make a divorce case more palatable for the party in the wrong.  In-fact, now in most states divorce is “no fault”, we have removed responsibility from a person who has broken a sacred vow.

Right off the bat you are dealing with a lie when you are told to believe there are two sides. There is simply a truth, one truth to be found. The truth, right or wrong, equals integrity.

We are losing sight that is is through the pain of mistakes and being wrong that we build character. It is through these mistakes that we develop love and kindness, we become more humble. Our recognizing, apologizing and righting wrongs builds strength, fortitude and individuals who build strong robust societies.

Do you ever wonder how devious people can look themselves in the mirror? With the ease at which our society alters the truth it seems to be easier and easier. As our media, stars, politicians, and teachers deliver versions of the truth, we, as a society become more accepting of the lies.

You would think that as we become more and more technologically based it would lead to more unveiling of the truth. We are on video when we don’t even know it, we record conversations at whim, and still, even armed with the facts, the truth is corroded. We have decided to believe what ever is good for the moment regardless of the evidence, regardless of who it hurts. If the lie is advantageous to us then we are all in.

Where does it stop?  It stops when we recognize that integrity is at the root of all real success, it is at the root of every true love, it is the basis of all true friendships, it is the foundation of a successful family atmosphere,  it is vital in every important endeavor in our lives. When society starts valuing these relationships  based in honesty again then we will grow in joy.  When we care about being able to look ourselves in the mirror knowing that we are the best we can be then we will grow in love.  When our souls are filled the the knowledge that we did the right thing not the self serving thing then we will prosper. It will be then, and only then, can we start rebuilding lives and society one truth at a time. Fill our souls with Truth!

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