Infinite love

Have you ever thought of your ability to love. Have you thought about how love can change your life? Do you wonder how you can make a change in the lives of people around you?

Our ability to love is infinite, there is absolutely no limit to the amount of love we can give. We only limit ourselves. By limiting ourselves we actually deprive ourselves. As a society we are literally starved for love. We are starving for the one commodity on earth that has no limit. The one commodity that can bring complete joy and happiness to our lives.

Stop and look around. Look at all of the opportunities around you to love. To reach out and improve a life. Share your love now, a simple act of kindness is all it takes! In turn sharing your love will improve your life by leaps and bounds. So instead of judging and disliking, try love and kindness for a few days. See how it changes your life. See how it fills your soul.